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Architectural Bureau SGA was founded in 1999 by Gleb and Anatoliy Sobolev. SGA are providing wide range of services in architectural design and planning. Experience of company founders and partnership with specialists of several design institutes allows the company to solve architectural and engineering problems of any complexity. Combination of European education and experience of design work of company founders in Russia garantees the high quality of services provided.

The main objective of SGA is to satisfy the needs of the client at all stages of the project from programme development to site supervision.

SGA works on the following projects

The company work on the principles of business-park, connecting together independently working architects and engineers. Such structure allows to react flexibly to the clients needs. SGA develops concept first and then facilitates the design process connecting together the required specialists.

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e-mail: sobolev@sgarchitect.rutel: (495) 585 51 70fax: (495) 625 69 09